Does our 1,200hp Cummins still run???

This 10,092 mile Cummins hasn’t ran in over a decade! The question is…. Will it? We might be replacing this power plant with something even more over-the-top, but that didn’t stop us from trying to start it! Maybe we should throw a transmission behind it and burn these old tires off… Subscribe for more!

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Rescuing a 1-of-1 Land Speed Build from Storage! | Race Truck Rebuild Ep.1

Welcome to FASS Motorsports the home of all things behind the scenes at FASS!

In this episode, we pull our 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 land speed truck out from 12+ years of storage! In the coming weeks, we’ll rebuild the truck, get it back on the road, and absolutely THRASH on it! As it sits, the fully built 5.9 liter Cummins powerplant is capable of roughly 1,200hp without nitrous.

However, Spencer, the head of FASS Motorsports, has MUCH bigger plans for it! Subscribe and stay tuned for more!

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