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What’s the BEST lift kit for the 2010-2018 (4th Gen) Ram?

What’s the BEST lift kit for the 2010-2018 (4th Gen) Ram?

Jake Hopkins |

Thinking about a lift kit for your 2010-2018 Ram? You’re not alone. There are HUNDREDS of options, sizes, and price points to sort through. With that in mind, we’ll keep this short and sweet.  

To find the best lift kit for your 4th Generation Ram (2010-2018), you’ll need to answer a few key questions: 

1. How do you plan to use the truck? 

Picking the right suspension lift kit is FAR easier when you know how you’re going to use your Ram. For example, if your truck is a daily driver that won’t see much off-road use, a high-quality leveling kit from BDS might be perfect.  

For many of our customers, a leveling kit is an easy, affordable way to give your truck an aggressive look, added tire clearance, and an improved ride.  

On the opposite end, if you’re planning to hit the trails and put your Ram through its paces—something more advanced like a Carli Suspensions Backcountry System might be the ticket. Though a purpose-built off-road kit will be more expensive, you’ll be able to off-road with confidence knowing your Ram’s setup to handle the terrain. 

But wait, what if I’m not sure?  

We’re here to help! We’ve spent thousands of hours working with our clients to figure out the absolute best lift kit for their needs. From entry-level systems to all-out desert racing setups, we have the brands and parts you need to get your truck set up the right way.  

 2What is your budget? 

It’s an awkward question, but a necessary one. If you didn’t already know, lift kit prices vary a LOT by brand, lift height, and optional add-ons. From $200 leveling kits to $10,000+ ultra-high-performance setups, there are lift kit options out there for nearly any budget.  

That said, we always recommend identifying your needs (how you’ll use the truck) before settling on a budget. And this isn't a sales tactic—we promise.  

It sounds like a sales pitch—but we enjoy saving our customers money when we can. By identifying your goals, we can reverse-engineer what your budget should be.  

More often than not, we help our customers spend less than they planned to.  

Whether you’re lifting your work truck, daily driver, show rig, or anything else under the sun, our goal is to deliver the right suspension kit, not necessarily the most expensive one.  

3. Do you want the extras? 

For as many lift kits as there are for the 2010-2018 Ram, there are just as many optional add-ons. Once you’ve selected your ideal lift kit, you must decide how fancy you want to make it.  

From remote reservoir shock packages to upgraded steering components and more, there are often dozens of options to choose from once you’ve selected your lift kit.  

But don’t let that overwhelm you—lifting your Ram doesn’t need to be a headache.  

By the time you’re finalizing your lift kit, your goals and budget usually make the decisions for you. For example, if you’re simply leveling your Ram to clear a 35” tire—you likely won’t need any components beyond the leveling kit.  

On the flip side, if you’re planning to stuff some 42” tires on your Ram so it can conquer the toughest trails—you’ll likely find yourself upgrading quite a few components beyond the suspension.  

 More lift kits, less confusion 

Whatever your goals and budget are, we’re here to help. Our sales staff has hands-on experience with nearly every brand we offer—and genuinely enjoy providing a no-pressure experience for our customers.  

If you’ve got lift kit questions (for any make and model), give us a shout