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BDS Suspension Lift Kits Explained

BDS Suspension Lift Kits Explained

Jake Hopkins |

BDS Suspension lift kits improve the off-road performance, ground clearance, and appearance of your truck, Jeep, or SUV. 

These kits are popular among off-road enthusiasts who want to tackle the trails, fit larger tires, and give their ride a badass, lifted look.

Founded in 1996, BDS Suspension has grown to be well-known, highly respected brand in the off-road and truck accessory industry, recognized for its high-quality and durable suspension components.

Key Features of BDS Suspension Lift Kits

  1. Quality and Durability:

    • BDS lift kits are known for their high-quality construction and durability. They use premium materials such as high-strength steel and incorporate robust design features to withstand the rigors of off-road driving.
  2. Comprehensive Kits:

    • BDS offers complete lift kits that include all the necessary components for a successful installation. This typically includes new coil springs or leaf springs, control arms, shocks, struts, and other suspension components.
  3. Customizable Options:

    • BDS provides a variety of lift kit options to suit different vehicles and user preferences. Customers can choose from different lift heights, shock absorbers, and additional accessories to tailor the kit to their specific needs.
  4. No-Fine-Print Warranty:

    • BDS is known for its "No-Fine-Print Warranty," which guarantees the durability and reliability of their products. This warranty covers the parts for the life of the vehicle and is transferable to new owners.
  5. Vehicle-Specific Designs:

    • Lift kits are designed for specific makes and models of vehicles to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance. BDS offers kits for a wide range of trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

Benefits of Installing a BDS Suspension Lift Kit

  1. Increased Ground Clearance:

    • Lift kits raise the vehicle's height, providing better clearance over obstacles and rough terrain, which is essential for off-road driving.
  2. Improved Off-Road Performance:

    • Enhanced suspension components allow for better articulation, stability, and traction on uneven and challenging surfaces.
  3. Ability to Fit Larger Tires:

    • A lift kit allows for the installation of larger tires, which can further improve off-road capability and give the vehicle a more aggressive look.
  4. Enhanced Appearance:

    • Many users install lift kits to give their vehicles a more rugged and commanding presence on the road.
  5. Personalization:

    • Lift kits provide an opportunity for vehicle owners to customize and personalize their vehicles to match their preferences and style.

Considerations Before Installing a Lift Kit

  1. Cost:

    • Lift kits are an investment and the installation process may also require professional help, adding to the overall cost. Additionally, it's important to account for additional upgrades (larger tires, for example) into your total cost.
  2. Ride Quality:

    • Modifying the suspension can affect the ride quality and handling of the vehicle. Some off-brand lift kits might make the ride stiffer or less comfortable on paved roads. Choosing a reputable brand like BDS ensures the most comfortable, compliant ride possible.
  3. Practicality:

    • This won't come as a surprise, but lifting your vehicle can create issues with parking and navigating tight spaces. While nearly everyone is aware of this, it's worth mentioning.
  4. Lift Kit Quality
    • Not all lift kits are created equal.  We've seen the headaches that some cheaper or off-brand suspension kits can cause—fitment issues, poor ride quality, and more. No matter where you buy your lift kit from, we always recommend choosing a reputable brand like BDS.


BDS Suspension lift kits are a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts—and for good reason.

Known for their quality, durability, and excellent warranty, BDS lift kits are the go-to choice for thousands of truck, Jeep, and SUV owners. 

If you have questions about a lift kit for your ride, contact us today!